Friday, 8 December 2006

Thank you Zeldman

The eagle eyed blogger will notice that I chose Zeldman's template design for my own blog. It's nice and contrasty which suits my own taste and it's pretty accessible.

Some may wonder why I didn't use a more flexible platform such as word press. Well really, I've been putting off this blog for years due to the fact that I could never find the time to put one together. In the end I thought bugger it. The realities of work and hectic family life meant that I was never going to get around to doing it and there's lots of things I'd like to share. I suspect I'll tinker with the style sheet a little at some point. I quite like the new beta blogger. It's quick and intuitive, costs nothing and it will do me fine for now, plus I can say that Zeldman designed my blog!

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