Friday, 11 May 2007

PSF accessibility gathering

Public Sector Forums (PSF) made my week by facilitating a presentation where I got to present along side some of my favorite accessibility names. Bruce Lawson, Patrick Lauke, Anne McMeekin, Ian Lloyd, and Dan Champion, (who organised the event for PSF). The event took place in the function suite of Edgbaston cricket grounds yesterday.

The event seems to have been a big success with "exemplary" speaker feedback. A big plus for me was getting to spend some time with some really interesting people.

If you're interested in seeing them, Patrick took some photos of the event and the preceding night out.


Rich Pedley said...

even when you get closer to us in Liverpool, you still don't let us know!

Glad it went well, and it sounds like you had a good time.

grant said...

It was good fun. We'll also have to get together soon :)