Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Expanding acronyms

Acronyms and abbreviations are a pain in the bum. Very rarely do you see a good implementation of these siblings anywhere.

Just recently I was taking a look at Teachers TV and found what I thought was the best solution I'd yet seen; neatly styled title attributes for the text with a link to a glossary page that not only explained the expansion, but also offered a search for other articles with the same reference.

It's not rocket science, but I've yet to see another site that does the same thing.

Nice work.

BRYCS 2009

Climbing-wise, this has been an interesting year for the Broome Family,

Both Noah (10) and Naomi (12) qualified to take part in the British Youth Climbing Series 2009 this weekend.

Noah proved his mettle last year by coming in a respectable 5th while at this time, Naomi hadn't yet started climbing. After passing team trials at Dynamic Rock in Swansea, they started preparing themselves for the Welsh round of the competition, where both kids put in an amazing effort to take 1st place (Noah) and 2nd place (Naomi) in their respective categories.

The National final took place in London on Saturday 20th June at the Westway Sports Centre in London and the competition was amazingly fierce.

The venue would have been great except for a very strange decision to cram all of the climbing into half of the centre; putting most people immobile in a bone-crushing-tightly-packed-standing room-only-fire-hazard pile of bodies while the rest of the venue was mostly vacant. A far cry from last year's competition at Ratho.

In the end Noah came 6th and Naomi 26th (which is still great considering how far she had come in just 8 months of climbing), and Noah at least is looking forward to having another go next year.